A task manager that's also an RPG


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Habitica is a combination task manager/RPG whose main aim is to help you create habits and remember tasks in a fun and pleasant way. Basically you create your own avatar and gain experience and coins as you complete your daily tasks.

You can choose which activities give you experience and gold. Checking your email in the morning could be one of them, or riding a bike for half an hour a day. Or you can enter specific activities and appointments to give you experience as well. The experience you get varies with the difficulty level you set for yourself.

As you get experience, you can level up and customize your avatar. And with the money you get you can buy all sorts of classic RPG items: swords, armors, shields, axes, etc. All these items change the appearance of your character.

Habitica is a pretty interesting app, especially for those who need a small incentive to complete their to-do list. In the end, it's an application where you can add your tasks and appointments ... with the added fun of playing an RPG.
Habitica organizes your daily life like an RPG

Translating what's in your agenda into reality isn't always an easy task. How often do we end up giving ourselves over to procrastination and I'll-do-it-tomorrow? And yes, we all know how long "tomorrow" really is. That's why finding new ways to stay motivated and get your daily tasks done is essential. Habitica does a great job at this using gamification as its premise: your daily job is turned into an RPG.
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Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher